Richard Kuncicky - Runaway


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The songs on the Runaway CD were recorded in 2015 using a Cordoba requinto with the exception of "Scarborough Fair" and America The Beautiful", which were recorded several years earlier on full size classical guitars.

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$11.95 plus shipping for physical CD... $10.00 each from me at a performance.

As far back as I can remember I've always had a fondness for the popular music of the 20's, 30's and 40's. There was a quality, sophistication and style about that era of songwriting that you seldom hear today. Because so many of these songs were recorded time and time again by countless jazz soloists and vocalists, through the years they became standard repertoire for jazz combos and dance bands... Therefore the term Standards. The interesting chord progressions and memorable melody lines of these songs lend themselves well to solo fingerstyle guitar arrangements. This is my second volume of Standards. It's my favorite music to play on solo guitar.

Most of the songs on "Acoustic Standards Volume Two" were recorded in the Fall of 2004 with a La Patrie "Presentation" classical guitar. "Stars Fell On Alabama" and "Misty" were recorded in 2002 with an Ovation "Country Artist" nylon string and "Bye Bye Blues" in 2004 with a La Patrie "Etude" classical.

CD Baby download price is $7.99 for full CD... $11.95 plus shipping for physical CD... $10.00 each at a performance.

I'm a self taught guitarist, an old Rock 'n Roller, born in 1952. I started playing at the age of nine... about the same time as Elvis was beginning to fade and the Beatles were starting to storm America. It wasn't until the late 1970's that I began learning the art of fingerpicking, what I call "fingerstyle" guitar... I've stuck with it ever since. I currently spend my time performing at local restaurants and clubs in the St. Augustine, Florida area.

This is a collection of jazz standards I've arranged for fingerstyle guitar. The recording was made in the Spring of 2004 with a La Patrie "Presentation" classical guitar.

"Richard Kuncicky brings iazz and American Standards into a smooth contemporary setting on his release, Acoustic Standards . Best complemented by an evening of wine or a night in a trendy coffee shop, favorites like Over the Rainbow" and "When You Wish Upon A Star" turn into sweetly stringed ballads." Katie Sesco, Folioweekly (May 2000)

"I bought a copy of Acoustic Standards at the Alcazar in July and can't stop playing it. Thanks for creating such good music. I keep my copy right beside my Jim Hall, Paul Desmond, and Bill Evans CD's." Jim... (November, 1999)

"With the exception of a small handful of other players, I have never heard anyone else produce such warmth and varied colors and nuances on the guitar like Rick does. His tone is full and sweet like a bell. His sense of rhythm is impeccable. His touch is exquisite and his arrangements are gorgeous and lively! He manages to convey the 'it's good to be alive' feelings evoked by the sunshine of a beautiful spring day." Linton Corbie, FAME (June, 2000)

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